Special offers in Canada

  • Location: LondonOntario N5Z 3J1
  • Validity: from 08 Jul 2018 to 09 Jul 2019

Available 24/7 I specialize in Home Renovation ReFinance Mortgages! Whether it be for a New Garage, Roof Replacement, New Kitchen or Bathroom, Basement Finishing or anything to improve your home I specialize in getting the Lowest Interest Rates for Mortgage Refinancing!

  • Location: LondonOntario N5Z 3J1
  • Validity: from 03 Jul 2018 to 01 Jan 2019

Available 24/7, if you are within 50km of London Ontario I will come to you to go over your Mortgage Options!

  • Location: LondonOntario N5Z 3J1
  • Validity: from 08 Jul 2018 to 07 Jul 2019

Available 24/7, if you are in need for a Mortgage Pre-Approval I average less than 24 Hours for a Pre-Approval from one of my 67+ Mortgage Lenders!

  • Location: LondonOntario N5Z 3J1
  • Validity: from 08 Jul 2018 to 31 Dec 2018

No Cost Mortgage Renewals - No Fee, Free Mortgage Renewal Program Under this program, not only will you get a lower interest rate for your mortgage renewal than those offered by the big banks, but your lawyer fees and appraisal will be Free! Mortgage Renewal Savings As an example, as of June 29th 2018 RBC's 5 Year Closed Mortgage Interest Rate was 3.74. Under a typical $250,000 dollar Mortgage Renewal your Mortgage Payment would be $1,480.92. However, with my Mortgage Renewal Interest ... Read more Rate of 3.19 you Mortgage Payment would be $1,410.39. At over 70 Dollars in savings per month your will Save Over 4,000 Dollars during the life of your 5 Year Term! No Lawyer Fees, No Appraisal Fee As part of the No Fee Mortgage Renewal Program the lender pays for the lawyer fees and the appraisal fees at no cost to you, making the renewal process easy and painless. So not only are getting your lowest interest rate for your mortgate renewal, there are no out-of-pocket expenses to you! Mortgage Renewal Process So what is the process to Renew Your Mortgage? Easy. Once we have had a brief consultation I will get you a Mortgage Approval. After that the Lender will probably want recent Tax Returns (available on CRA's website), an Employment Letter and a Paystub. Then you leave the rest to me and wait to enjoy the savings!

  • Location: LondonOntario N5Z 3J1
  • Validity: from 08 Jul 2018 to 31 Dec 2018

If you have bruised credit but a good down payment (twenty percent or more) I have Private Mortgage Lenders ready and willing to offering Mortgage Financing.

  • Location: LondonOntario N5Z 3J1
  • Validity: from 25 Jun 2018 to 08 Jul 2019

With the exception of Private Mortgages I do not charge fees for my services. You can rest easy that not only are you getting the best interest rate in London Ontario, but also that you are saving as much money as you can! Home buying is expensive enough, there is no need to ad brokerage fees on top of that!

  • Location: GatineauQuebec J8X 4G3
  • Validity: from 17 Dec 2018 to 31 Jan 2019

Get your plans on us when you contract with us for a renovation or new construction. Also receive a $2500.00 credit on our Home Package-Kit.

  • Location: BurnabyBritish Columbia V5A 2K2

Receive a 10% DISCOUNT off ANY service except lawn mowing if booked with deposit within 7 days of quote date!

  • Location: Toronto CityOntario M3J 2C4
  • Validity: from 14 Dec 2018 to 30 Jun 2019

The current special we offer to our valued customers: 30% off in stock area rugs in various sizes.