4 easy steps to redecorate your bedroom

4 easy steps to redecorate your bedroom
Your bedroom is the one space in your house where you need to feel completely comfortable and secure. Often our outer space reflects how we’re feeling inside and vice versa – so our bedroom can be seen as a projection of our internal experience.

It can also promote a sense of calm and order when our bedroom is exactly as we want it to be.

Here’s how you can style your bedroom using your senses to guide you, and make it a more comfortable space for you:

1. Touch tip: Do a full declutter

Before you get started, it can help to pull everything back and start with the essential things you do need. This means throwing a lot of things out or moving them out of your bedroom space unless they’re serving a purpose.

The idea of a declutter is to shift the “feel” of the space and the energy in that space to allow you to flow better and feel a lot more comfortable.

Go around your bedroom and look at each item (you may like to touch things and pick things up), and ask yourself how it makes you feel. If there’s any feelings of anxiety (for any reason), or fear, or anger – remove that item from your space: you may either throw it out or simply move it to another space where you won’t access it often. Any items that make you feel good, happy, secure and calm are great for this space. If the item is just neutral – with no feelings or memories of anyone or anything, that’s ok to keep in the space as well.

Physically touching and "feeling" things in your room can sense if it's right for this space or not. For example, you may have a lot of texture in your space at the moment but would like to alter the fabrics used on your bed, your curtains and your throw to something smoother and more subtle. It's up to your preference. If you like it: go for it!


2. Visual tip: Refresh your bed

If you want to make some changes to your room, one of the easiest ways to change the visual appearance of your room is to do something with your bed - whether you move it around, put new bedding on it or replace it completely. Generally your bed will be the biggest item in your bedroom - so why not make it a feature?

There are a couple of different ways you can do this.

As mentioned above, you can move your bed so it faces a different direction to what it currently does; or you can change your doona cover to something that feels good to you. If you really want to ramp it up you could get a whole new suite; a new bed; and a completely new bed set.

Another way to alter the visual appearance of your space is through lighting. If you’re looking for soft candle-light lighting without the hazard of actually using candles, salt lamps are extremely popular and are reasonably priced.

Other ideas for altering the visual appearance of your bedroom could include changing other physical items such as your blinds (or adding sheer curtains for affect), updating the furniture– you can do this relatively cheaply through the Buy Swap and Sell groups on Facebook or even just placing pictures on the walls or changing the current pictures.


3. Scent tip: Change the scent

You may or may not have a diffuser in your bedroom at the moment, but putting one in – or even changing the scent of your current diffuser – can also assist to change the feel of the space. When we take in information about our surroundings we use all our senses; and smell is certainly one to be considered.

Another habit that is good to get into is simply airing your room out for 20-30 minutes a day. This also helps to change the energy in your space and clears out the musty-sleep-smell that lingers after a good night’s sleep.


4. Sound tip: Alter the ambiance

Another way to alter your bedroom and make it feel like you’ve upgraded your space is to change the ambiance through sound. They music you play in your space will alter your conscious state.

Calming nature sounds can also help with create a safe feel in your bedroom space – particularly ocean and forest sounds. If you’re finding it difficult to sleep, instead of listening to music, trying some gentle, guided meditation can also assist, particularly where you’ve adjusted your room to feel calming and inviting.


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