How to dress your home with curtains

How to dress your home with curtains
Curtains can be used as window dressing - but they are also wonderful for creating the foundation of a room’s entire atmosphere and assisting to manage climate control within the rooms. Your curtains can offer solitude, comfort and other several benefits.

The only issue is: too much choice!

When it comes to window decorations, the choices have flourished - but having a broad selection can also be a blessing. This article outlines all your options so you can choose the best curtains for your home.

1. Privacy and security

The prime purpose of having curtains is generally for privacy. However, if the curtain is too thin or too light then it will fail to give you this solitude. This is why it's important to consider the curtain fabric as well as the look and feel when selecting curtains for your home. Some curtains will offer more privacy than others.

Sheer curtains look great and are fantastic for decoration but they provide little to no privacy.

However, if you add some solid curtains with the sheer curtains, you will have all the options. Opaque blockout curtains, made of thicker material, will offer much more privacy and security for your home when compared to sheer curtains, which look nice but won't protect your property.

Another alternative, if you don't want to use blockout curtains (they can be a little more expensive), you could opt to use dark-coloured curtains with a thicker fabric than the sheer curtains. This will also help to offer more privacy and security inside your home.


2. Colour with contrast

If you're looking to jazz up the space or give it a unique vibe, you may like to use curtains that have brighter colours, different fabrics and may have a pattern or design on them. If you're trying to redecorate the room, try using curtains that are a different shade from the ones previously used in the room - it can change the entire vibe in that space - and you have plenty to choose from, ranging from vintage to modern looks.

If you're using solid curtains you may like to use a tone-to-tone approach to give the room a more striking look. You can do this by choosing curtains that have a fabric similar in colour to your walls - just make sure it is no more than three shades different from your current wall colour.

The complementary colour system is a very classic look and style people go for. However, something you may need to watch out for if you are choosing opaque curtains with solid-coloured walls for your home is selecting something that is a total contrast to the wall colours. This will create a very stark look. Instead you can temper the contrast by using a curtain that has a pattern within the fabric to blend the colour balance of your walls.


3. Ventilation (money savers)


Comfort is very important for your home - and your curtains can really assist the climate control - where you choose correctly it can ultimately saving you some money on electricity bills.

Thermal curtains can keep out the cold and improve your home's energy efficiency during the cooler months of the year.

Another way to create more energy efficiency within your home is to add more curtains to your windows and doors which will act as another layer of insulation in your home.

Curtains are also a great way to transform your listing space for the warmer months of the year - all you need to do is draw them back for a more open and airy living space. Alternatively, sheer curtains - which will also allow some natural light to stream into the space - can also be useful for assisting natural air flow throughout your home, but still add some visual appeal and a nice effect to the space. When opting for sheer curtains, keep these factors in mind as you select the material.

If the space is already dark and cluttered, try to avoid using heavy blockout curtains and drapes. This choice stops the brightness and natural air flow and will create an unpleasant effect in the room causing it to feel as though it's closing in.


4. Visual effects


Patterns and textures can help create a bubbly, bright atmosphere and really breathe some energy into an otherwise dull-looking space. You may like to choose to add some textures into rooms that are looking fairly drab to add an element of colour, style and sophistication.

Before covering your windows with curtains, you may like to consider the theme or vibe you are trying to create within this particular space. This will also help when it comes to selecting the best pattern or texture for the space you are currently decorating. If you're looking to liven up the living space you may like to bring a fun geometric pattern or smooth and silky new texture into the space. Bold, retro designs are also making a bit of a comeback for window curtains, so this may be another option worth considering.

To create the best visual impact for your space, the rule of thumb is simple:

- If you have patterned furnishings or bedclothes in the space, stick with solid curtains.

- If you have solid-colour furnishings or bed covers in the space, have a look at patterned curtains.

For a more subtle and elegant style, go for a small, impartial print, like spots or paisley. Another daring but stunning option can be selecting a curtain that has a large graphic print on it, in a similar colour to the existing decorations in the space.


Whatever you choose, we hope these hints are helpful! To find a curtains and blinds expert, please search the CanadianHomeImprovements4u directory.